Authenticity during symbiosis: 2020 flashback

How symbiosis of exotic species can be achieved in a working environment with a flashback of 2020 lessons learnt?

What is symbiosis? A close, long-term association between organisms of different species. Symbiosis can be defined as any kind of relationship or interaction between two dissimilar organisms, each of which may receive benefits from their partners that they did not have while living alone (Angelard & Bever, 2013).

In international environments symbiosis is a common ground as international employees from different countries and walk of lifes are coming together to cooperate. During this symbiosis, authenticity is a key to communication and let employees interact as Gary Burnison CEO – KornFerry explains that based on KornFerry research when people are heard, seen and understood, they are more likely to be happy. And when they are happy, they will ouperform. Leadership should be ready to answer questions regarding transparency and decision making process. This symbiosis was adapted and transformed during 2020 and we all understood that there are other means of getting together that could enable interaction virually through a screen. This is not our regular habitat but it played a significant role during 2020. The equilibrium of virtual and regular habitat should be found.

2020 made us realize many mechanisms for ourselves and our habitat. The most human trait is to want to know why, and in a year that tested everyone around the world “why”. Why we are asking the same questions?


We made too much progress and we are going forward. This is a strong message from 2020 on diversity and authenticity. Companies are adopting remuneration policies to ensure fairness in compensation between different ethnic groups or female and male. I remember myself back in the beginning of 2000 with the adoption of EU legislation of ethnic minorities and trying to find a way to measure pay gap and improve inequalities.

Google is helping us to find answers on our “why”, the below video illustrates the 2020 realizations:

Symbiosis is our need to live together especially during this time and age where we all experienced the unfold of an unforeseen pandemic in full. Coronavirus was the dominant search during 2020 as it can be seen below. On the top 10, more than half of them are related to pandemic and communication tools that we can use to continue our activities to go to school or meet our friends online or how to work more effectively.

From left to right the top 10 searches globally, in France and Greece:

In addition to Google, there are also questions that could be used in a working environement to comprehend the “why”:

🤔 Why is this work important?

🤔 What are we trying to achieve and what is the added value?

🤔 Who is the sponsor?

Symbiosis teach us to live together from Biology to our personal and professional life. Exotic species coming from different cultures, ethnic groups, sex, religion and walk of life are coming together and each one receives benefits from each other. Let them flourish and communicate in an authentic way and wishing to all of you a great start of 2021 and keep 2020 awareness.

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