L’Oréal’s team working as a team through “Teams”

Last week, I had the chance to animate a session organized by our Talent Acquisition team for our new Recruitment Directors all over the world.

It was the first time that the set-up of this session was through “Teams” and I had the chance to talk about my work related passion: “Total Rewards”.

In my effort to make this on-line session as interactive as it can gets, we asked the participants, in the beginning of the training, to participate in a “Klaxoon” survey: “What is TOTAL rewards for you?

Below you may find their responses and I was so happy to discover that apart from compensation, there were so many other elements in their mind.

At L’Oréal, “Total Rewards” is designed around four pillars:

💰 Salary

🏝 Comprehensive social protection

✈️ Career development

🔝 Work environment

L’Oréal has always been pioneer on social innovation and solidarity and in that field has developed a reward offer including:

🌍 World profit sharing

🌏 Share & Care

🌎 Employee Share Ownership Plan

The “Worldwide Profit Sharing” policy gives employees a stake in the company’s results in France and internationally.

The “Share & Care” program launched as a major acceleration in line with the Group’s tradition of social innovation. The program’s goal was to establish a common base of social protection for all employees worldwide and position L’Oréal among the most innovative companies in each market. This program has helped to create a respectful work environment that is committed to meeting employees’ expectations at every key moment of their lives.

The “Share & Care” program is structured around four pillars: physical and mental health, financial protection (life and disability insurance), work/life balance and the work environment.

Last but not the least; L’Oréal rolled out in 2018 and in 52 countries the “Employee Share Ownership Plan” continuing to write history on its social policy.

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, said when the “Employee Share Ownership Plan” implemented, “L’Oréal has always intended that its employees benefit from the Group’s success and prosperity. This first Employee Share Ownership Plan will give employees who want to participate a new way to support the company’s development and be involved in its strategic projects.”

Solidarity is really a key word for L’Oréal and really walk the talk with all the new ways of working and support our employees during these turbulent times. You may find the full solidarity plan put in place following the below link:


On top of salary, there are many components around the notion of “Total Rewards”. I am really fascinated by the social innovation of L’Oréal and the engagement that creates for its employees. I hope that my colleagues are more aware of our programs and can valorize the full package.

L’Oréal is putting a great effort and investment on this topic and I am so passionate talking about that and all plans implemented throughout the years. A key L’Oréal value is networking and with this innovative new way of distance training could boost the morale and connectivity through social media connectivity.


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