Flying high…

My next flight ✈️ is on 06h 25 and I need to plan how should I spent my time…

60 minutes are never enough for a transit and I am wondering if I could have a ticket for crazy 😜 nightlife at Lisbon.

The last days, I wrote four complaint letters and I got reimbursement for one them!

25% response rate which is a good one, but my target is 75% response rate.

Let’s see how Lisbon would look like and if I find a shelter to sleep during the night… I feel like the little kid with the avatar looking for a safe shelter. Taken from a game that my boys were watching during the weekend. I feel so connected flying so high and being abused in the same way with sms from TAP telling me that your flight is rescheduled for another one at 06 h 25.

Honestly, I was ready to get out of the airport and go home… I decided to stay and see if I could get anywhere.

This is the third time I am travelling when I came to Paris. At my first trip, I was bitten from insects on my hotel bed, the next time my train was terribly delayed and now I started a trip not knowing if I have a shelter to stay during the night. Perfect!

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