Who I am?

Trying to decode myself puzzle, the first question that came to my mind is what really makes us who we are. The answer is genes, family, environment, education, work and beliefs.

Analyzing my genes is not obvious for me and I let my lovely wife to do that as a Nurse and Biologist at profession. She is able to analyze my DNA and reply to this part.

I will focus more on my studies, beliefs and work experience. I was at ease with numbers, solving mathematical problems and it was a normal path to study Statistics, Actuarial Science and Operational Research. At the last year of high school, I discovered psychology among other things but I left my sister to follow “The Road Less Traveled” as a successful psychologist.

I will never forget the first time that I had to deal with Actuarial Science where I had to cope with the idea that the only sure probability in this life equals to one, is death. Maybe the trauma of the tragic event of losing my cousin in a terrible accident was affecting me.

Studying and being a volunteer in a student organization was the best combination for me, as I could get in depth knowledge in very interesting and appealing topics and travelling around Europe. The only problem is the realization 20 years after that no common European values exist.

Professionally I managed to become a true HR expert with in-depth knowledge of Compensation & Benefits combining strong analytical & project management skills with business proximity as well as customer-centric approach, working for six countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Greece. I am a strong adviser, diplomat, cooperative, friendly, rational and stable with an objective mind. I am a team worker, tactful who calms the waters, strategic and fair.

Things that I hate are hypocrisy and showing off. Living in Denmark, I discovered the equalitarian societies, which are really in line of what I am and what I represent. I am proud as a Greek and carrying the heavy history in my shoulders and trying to motivate my children be as proud as I am. Kindness is coming natural as this runs to the family and to my parents. My own personal values of fairness, common good and transparency go hand in hand with the main objectives of my job as an HR professional.

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