From butcher shop to fashion house

I was wondering for the past months why I am so attracted to fashion and beauty. First, I thought that i was brainwashed after working for the last decade of the number one beauty conglomerate. Then, i tried to think of my childhood raised up in a piece full town and living just upstairs of our family butcher shop. I could not really find any connection till this morning after attending a presentation of Valentino. The synapses of my brain signaled a new realization after seeing a picture of the married couple of Jackie Kennedy with Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Onassis wearing a Valentino wedding dress. This dress was apparently a part of Valentino history that I was not aware of but this classic image gave me food for thought. What I erased from mind till this morning, ridiculously enough, was that I was watching very passionately during my childhood the soap opera: “the bold and the beautiful”. Back in time, we had only two channels and in one of them every afternoon I was watching this series as it was something completely new to me. The fashion at that time did not say anything to me but it was more the story and the addiction of watching a soap opera. Thought this addiction left a footprint to my brain that of fashion well hidden at the back of my memories.

Linking now the above, it makes perfect sense the picture I took a month ago when I was more introduced in the Luxe world.

My journey has now started and I am really glad to embark.

Stay tuned!

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