Rotterdam, October 17th

Waiting at the station for the train to depart, I was feeling that the Dutch efficiency would never affect the train timetables. However, the train was delayed for 25 minutes.


For a Greek living in Denmark for the past years, there was no other option to travel from one country to another rather than the plane. I had to go to Rotterdam from Paris and I immediately thought of what is the nearest airport. No, no, no, this is not the case when you are living in Paris. There are other possibilities, namely travelling by train. This takes two hours and a half and you are directly at your destination without the need to check in or wait ages to get out from the plane. I checked my ticket how much time you need to be at the platform before the departure and only 3 minutes were needed.

The travel started very interesting as I had to make several phone calls before entering the train and I had time to do it before entering the train and not bothering my co train passengers. After all, it is only 3 minutes before the departure that the passengers can get in the train.

Rotterdam is the city of many companies. Unilever has their HQ just next to the central station. Modern buildings are existing and new constructions are happening everywhere. One of Rotterdam monuments is the Cubic houses where part of they are used as regular residencies and the other part as museum. Quite interesting approach and quite confusing at the same time how life is inside these places.


During my stay at Rotterdam I stayed in a very bad hotel named Eurohotel. When I waked up, I just wanted to leave behind this place as soon as possible. Taking this as an “opportunity”: I walked around Rotterdam as I was quite early for my meeting. I admired the Cubic houses and the big market next to them. The weather was really nice and I enjoyed my touristic walk without knowing what happened to body last night. I ended my morning walk, drinking a nice cafe latte with a piece of banana cake next to Rotterdam central station before my meeting.

Returning home the same night, I spotted on my body insect bites…. Next morning, I was ready to start my house search for finding a new apartment at Paris with some nice memories from Rotterdam engreaved in my body as insects were walking on my body during all night long. Pauvre and bitten…


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