Imagine your world 🗺 without chocolate 🍫

Imagine your world without chocolate and how that would be…. Some people cannot survive if they do not have chocolate. The chocolate is their remedy, is their addiction. A small or a big portion of chocolate can change their mood. They could go out at night just to find for a piece of chocolate to eat. Chocolate and why people love it? The chocolate was widely known to Europe 200 years ago along. Industrial Revolution made chocolate be produced massively and reach the mouth of many Europeans. Before that the chocolate was only known to Latin America. Chocolate is made by cocoa beans which are coming from Africa in their majority and families from this region rely their income on this production.

For me, this is not the same: I would love ❤️ a world without chocolate ! I do not like chocolate especially the dark one

As a kid, I was never fond of the sweets. I could see others loving chocolate and I was eating as well but I did not like it.. At some point, I realized that I do not like it and I focused only on white sweets without chocolate.


There are so many difficulties… the world is made for those that they love chocolate. No sour sweets, no fruity sweets … if chocolate is not there, then this is not a dessert.

For me this is the opposite, dessert without chocolate is my favorite one. In Denmark, it is the only country that sweets are not always linked with chocolate. There are the cinnamon swirls, the rhubarb pie, the cream with biscuits, risalamande and of course the delicious carrot cake. This is so great !! I found a country where chocolate is not dominant. I will really miss the Danish sweets and the sour flavors with liquorice.

Sweets with sea salt for an amazing waking up of senses. The definition of the word “liquorice” is derived from the Greek γλυκύρριζα, meaning “sweet root”. If you want to make fun of a chocolate lover, buy for him a chocolate treat with liquorice. I am sure that he will spit it just after tasting it. Make the experiment and you will remember me.

The life of not chocolate eaters is not easy but there is also a hope. It is not easy to explain to your boys that dad does not like chocolate. Normally they say: our dad is a bit weird: he does not like chocolate.

Can this traumatize a child ? I do not think so . It is only a joke and an exaggeration to describe the diversity even in small things that can have an impact on someone.

The way to react when somebody, for example, when somebody says I do not like chocolate is just to acknowledge the difference and that not all the people have the same tastes.


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