Blinkers..on the sun

Blinkers are the screens horses’ eyes which are used to secure that horses are not distracted on their way. Even if the blinkers are used only for horses, there are some people who wear them even, if you can not see them. What does it mean? Well people, for example, in Denmark are walking in the street focusing on their way and are not distracted, as for instance in Greece. This is true, you pass next to your neighbor or a friend and just because you are not in his “blinker periphery”, he will never see you. If you just enter his periphery, here you are, he will say hi !

In Greece, “blinkers” do not exist at all. Normally a Greek is looking all around and can spot a person 180 degrees around him or some people have the charisma of 360 degrees. Does this make Greeks more open-minded than Danish? I do not think so. It is just the way the people are focusing. Maybe weather conditions, maybe people do not care who will see them or what will say.. Do Danish wear blinkers for a reason? I do not know the reason, but I know that if some people do not say hi to me even I am next to them, I know why is that happening. The invisible “blinkers” is the reason!



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