Baldur: light in the darkness

It is not often to see this bridge up at Nyhavn… Many people were taking pictures and I just wanted to go home after an intense day starting at 6 o’clock in the morning. A lady on her bike was admiring the rare opening of the bridge and she felt the need to share with me that this is not at all common. I took some photos and the lady wanted to tell me more about the name of the boat passing. This boat was the cause of the opening of the bridge and for our few minutes delay. The name of the boat was: Baldur. She asked if I have seen the name of the boat and she explained to me that it was an ancient Nordic god.


Based on one Nordic myth Balbur or “the stranger” was left to be burnt on a boat. The popular video game: “God of war” is also using Baldur as a protagonist and make a mix of ancient Greek and Nordic myths. It is, for sure, very fascinating what an open bridge can learn us and trigger our imagination.

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