1000 – 1 piece

Loppemarked København or yard sale Copenhagen… it really run to the Scandinavian culture: this is organized for the sale of used goods of individuals. Typically items sold at yard sales include old clothing, books, toys, furnishings, board games and puzzles. Yard sales occur during sunny weekends or spring, known as “spring cleaning”. The owners have the opportunity to sell the goods that they do not use to earn some extra money and buyers to find bargains.


In one of these markets , my young son with passion of puzzles decided to buy one of these 1000 pieces puzzle. We placed the puzzle in our kitchen table and for more than one week all the family passed some time to put the pieces together. The unused puzzle of another family became our family activity our bargain. Especially for me, this activity proved to be my safe shelter in a difficult period of my life where I had high level of stress due to important decisions I had to make. It really helped me to create my bubble, interact with my family and overcome my stress.

One piece was never found but this was not a obstacle to finish our work and build a nice frame to have it as a memory of our Scandinavian adventures.


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